Italian TV star grabs David Beckham between legs (video)


David Beckham Groped: A popular Italian TV show thought it would be a nice idea to prove whether or not David Beckham’s bulge, evident on his Armani ads, was the real deal.

The AC Milan star was giving an interview outside a hotel when Le Iene’s Elena Di Cioccio bent down and squeezed him between the legs.

Becks was obviously annoyed and was immediately dragged away by his security into a nearby hotel. The TV prankster was chased down the street, yelling in Italian “Beckham is small”, while being filmed by the show’s cameraman.

The former England captain, who famously sported an impressive bulge in his Armani photos, was regularly accused of “enhancing” his package with a bit of airbrushing.

Watch the video of the ‘attack’ below: