Italy to open transgender-only prison


Italy plans to open the world’s first prison for transgender inmates in a town near the Tuscan city of Florence, according to the BBC.

The almost-empty women’s penitentiary in Pozzale will be converted into a specially-equipped detention center for transgender inmates with drug and prostitution-related offenses.

The prison includes its own library, recreation center, football field and agricultural land. The inmates will have their own cell and will be given a personal development plan.

The United States, however, doesn’t have specific facilities for its transgendered prisoners; instead it employs the following policy:

Transsexual people who have not had genital surgery are generally classified according to their birth sex for purposes of prison housing, regardless of how long they may have lived as a member of the other gender, and regardless of how much other medical treatment they may have undergone. Transsexual people who have had genital surgery are generally classified and housed according to their reassigned sex.