Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Falls

Laurent-GbagboFormer Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was arrested Monday by the U.N. and French military-backed forces of President-elect Alassane Ouattara, Reuters said in a report.

Gbagbo’s arrest was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Ouattara, as well as by the French Foreign Ministry and a spokesman for the fallen hero-turned-dictator. The arrest came days after Ouattara’s forces attacked Gbagbo’s residence in the country’s largest city of Abidjan. The 65-year-old Gbagbo had been holed up in a bunker inside his compound after he previously rejected calls to surrender. French armored vehicles were reportedly already moving into Gbagbo’s compound when the former history teacher decided to come out.

Gbagbo, who assumed the presidency in 2000 following the violent ouster and killing of military junta leader Robert Guei, lost to Ouattara in a presidential election last year but refused to relinquish his post. The international community has recognized Ouattara as the rightful leader of the West African country and former French colony. Gbagbo was reportedly taken to the Hotel Golf in Abidjan after his arrest.