Jailbreak for iOS4 Pouring In

IPhone_OS_4_LogoA jailbreak from someone who said he was retiring last July was released today. The twist is that the comeback release was supposed to be issued Monday, October 11, now it is ahead of another jailbreak release from another competitor.

George Holtz, more known as “Geohot”, released Limera1n ahead of Greenpois0n by Chronic Dev Team. The latter is scheduled for release morning of Sunday, October 10.

Limera1n will work with version 4.0 or higher of the iOS operating system. However, only a Windows version is available. Mac and Linux versions will be coming up soon.

Greenpois0n will work with version 4.1 and can be used with iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod and iPad.

Geohot, credited for giving the first jailbreak for the iPhone, wanted to keep a low profile and to retire last July. However, he can’t help but provide another jailbreak for Apple device users.

Jailbreaking is something that Apple does not like. However, a ruling last July by the US Copyright Office has allowed iDevice users to jailbreak their units legally. Apple may then still use measures to prevent jailbreaking but they cannot sue those who practice it.