Jamie Pugh fails to make Britain’s Got Talent final (video)


Jamie Pugh wowed the audience and judges of Britain’s Got Talent after overcoming his crippling stage fright at his Cardiff audition. But his performance on Monday night’s semi-final was totally different.

After performing a shaky rendition of The Impossible Dream from the musical Man of La Mancha, the 37-year-old pizza delivery man did not receive enough votes to get into the top three.

“I don’t think your voice was as good on that performance as it was on the audition, Piers Morgan said. Amanda Holden agreed saying: “You have a good voice but I just didn’t feel comfortable watching you.”

Amanda recently told the News of The World that she thought Jamie ‘faked’ his emotions during the auditions.

“I didn’t believe his emotion and I hated his voice. He sounded like a car starting,” Amanda said. “We all said, ‘Yes’ to him on the day so I feel terrible for saying it, but my heart’s not in that performance. He’s just a very weak Paul Potts. I didn’t like it.”

Here’s the video of Jamie Pugh singing The Impossible Dream on Britain’s Got Talent semi-final.

You can also watch the video here.