Japan Takes Apple to Task for Overheating iPod Nano

The Japanese government has had enough of Apple‘s non-action on complaints about its 2005 iPod Nano, which has reportedly caused at least six fires due to overheating.

Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry on Wednesday ordered Apple to submit a report on the actions that it would take to address complaints about the iPod Nano after the company allegedly ignored previous calls to correct the problems with the first generation of the popular music player, which has sold 1.6 million units in the country.

“The ministry repeatedly asked Apple Japan to take market measures, such as giving warnings or recalling the products, but it has failed to do so,” a ministry spokesman said. Apple must also include in its report similar incidents in other countries if there are any, he said.

The ministry said it has recorded at least 27 incidents caused by overheating iPod Nanos, with at least four people reporting that they suffered burns after touching the device that had apparently overheated while charging.