Japanese man steals noodles, wants to go back to prison

A man in Kashihara, Japan stole a cup of noodles from a store, ate them at a tatami maker’s workshop and took a taxi to turn himself in the police station, the Mainichi Daily News reports.cup-moodles

Kashihara is in the prefecture of Nara.

The police said that the man, aged 41, has been released from prison last month. His name was not released by the police. It was informed that he has no job and that he is homeless. He has only a few one-yen coins in his pockets when he showed up at the police station where he asked to be arrested.

He does not even have payment for the taxi which is at 8000 yen (86 USD), the police said.

The cup of noodles costs about 100 yen (1 USD).

The poverty percentage in the nation is below 15%, and it is very rare to see homeless and jobless people in the economic powerhouse country, even during the current recession.