Japan’s next top model is a robot


Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has unveiled a robot that will soon appear at a fashion show in Tokyo.

The girlie-faced humanoid has 30 motors in her body that allows her to walk and move her arms.

Code-named HRP-4C, the black-haired robot also has eight motors on its face to create expressions like anger and surprise.

During the demonstration, the robot said, “Hello, everyone,” in a tiny feminine voice while its mouth moved.

HRP-4C is 158 centimeters (five foot two inches) tall and weighs 95 pounds including battery. Developers said the big challenge in creating the robot was making the small ‘feminine’ parts. It is not for sale just yet, but is expected to sell for $200,000.

The model-bot is being developed for the entertainment industry. It is scheduled to appear next week during Tokyo’s five-day fashion extravaganza.

Watch HRP-4C in action below:

[Via Mail Online]