Jason Bateman booed after cutting in at an iPhone 4 line

jason_batemanActor Jason Bateman got booed by around 2000 people who were waiting in line at an Apple store in Los Angeles.

At the release date of the latest upgrade of the iPhone last Thursday, June 24, Bateman was actually contented on waiting in line along with other people who were queuing up for the smartphone.

However, a store employee spotted him and escorted him straight in to the store. The actor probably welcomed the opportunity since he went along with the employee. While they were walking up to the front, boos and hissing can be heard from those who were still in the line.

The actor tried to ignore the boos as he went inside only to still incur them when he left the store with his new gadget.

About 1.5 million units of the iPhone 4 were estimated to have been sold on the first day of its release. This will easily surpass the sales of its predecessors, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS which reached the millionth mark during their first week of release.