Jason Castro’s brother wins golden ticket

michael castro wins golden ticket.

This year’s American Idol is a ‘family’ thing!

Jason Castro’s younger brother, Michael, has auditioned for American Idol and he made quite an impression on the judges.

The 20-year-old just had begun singing three weeks before his try-out and he nailed it! He’s going to Hollywood!

Singing Gavin DeGraw’s “In Love With A Girl,” Michael Castro got a stronger voice than Jason. His voice is a little rough, but he can still improve it.

Simon: “Michael, it was good-ish. It’s not bad. I can’t get anything from your voice at the moment. I’m never quite sure with you Castros, whether you’re really, really into this or not.”

Kara: “I think you can sing. I think you’re kind of a ballsie dude And I kind of like that about you. You have this sort of, ‘I have a secret’ kind of vibe.”

Paula: “I say, yes, yes, yes.”

Randy: “I say yes, dawg. Welcome to Hollywood.”

Simon: “Say hi to your brother.”

Check out this Michael and Jason Interview from Fox News.

Image: Michael Castro Online