Java Divas: Hot Coffee Served by Sexy Baristas

Java Divas

Java Divas, a drive-through coffee shop in Maryland serves hotter brews than the ordinary. I’m not talking about their coffee but their baristas called “Divas”.

The “Divas”, dressed in themed costumes and lingerie are the ones who will serve you if you pay a visit to the shop. They are a hit with male customers and say taking about a hundred dollars in tips each day.

Here’s what their customers say:

“I love that I don’t have to park and get out of my nice warm car.”

“The girls here are more fun than the place I used to get my morning latte.”

“I love the drive thru. I don’t have to get the kids out of their car seats!”

“The A, B, C-cup sizes are a riot!”

“I look forward to starting my day with a smile from the Divas.”

“Excellent Coffee!!! And the baristas are great too!”

“I LOVE the different outfits,Woohoo!”

“Everyday should be Beach Day!”

“You have a customer for LIFE!”

VIDEO: Coffee Shop Divas Serve in Lingerie

Java Divas is located at 8355 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, MD.

[JavaDivas via MyFox]