Jealous Husband Tattoos Wife’s Face

An overly paranoid Chinese man has reportedly tattooed the word “degrading” on his wife’s cheeks after suspecting her of having an affair.

According to the report that has now gone viral in Chinese sites, the man, Wei Shengxiong, tied up his wife, Xiaowei, after a bitter fight on March 30. Wei then cut Chinese characters that translate in English as “degrading” into her cheeks. After carving the characters, Wei rubbed ashes on the wounds, effectively turning them into tattoos.

The Shanghaiist said that Wei’s suspicion started way back in 2008. The husband’s paranoia was so severe that he even demanded a DNA test of one of their children. The kid turned out to be his son, the Shanghaiist said.

Instead of apologizing, Wei, in a translation by China Hush of the Chinese report, reportedly told investigators that Xiaowei picked the disfigurement from among four choices he had given her.  The choices, according to China Hush, were:

1. Xiaowei gets a vasectomy and stays home to take care of the children instead of going out for work; 2. Xiaowei’s lover gives 1 million RMB to Wei Shengxiong; 3. Xiaowei, her lover and Wei Shengxiong goes to court to solve this problem; 4. Wei Shengxiong is to disfigure Xiaowei and break her leg.