Jewish Supermodel Bar Refaeli Told to Ditch Leonardo DiCaprio

A purist Israeli group has called on supermodel Bar Refaeli to dump actor Leonardo DiCaprio lest she end up cutting off her family’s Jewish lineage. Israeli politician Baruch Marzel of the nationalist Lehava organization said Refaeli should look for a Jewish husband instead of continuing her relationship with DiCaprio.

Marzel said he respects DiCaprio as a talented actor. However, he believes that Refaeli would “harm the future generations” of her Jewish family if she marries DiCaprio.

Refaeli denied earlier this month that she and the Hollywood actor were engaged after she was seen wearing a ring on her ring finger. She later clarified that DiCaprio has not proposed to her and that it just happened that the ring fit only her ring finger. The supermodel has been dating DiCaprio since 2005, although their relationship has been on and off.

The Lehava group believes that Jews are only for Jews, saying that “assimilation has forever been one of the enemies of the Jewish people.”