Jill Ishkanian: The woman who called 911 to report that Locklear was DUI

California, USA – The person who called 911 to report that Heather Locklear was driving under the influence of a prescription medication was Jill Ishkanian. Ishkanian is a former reporter and editor at Us Weekly magazine according to ABC News.

She took photographs of Locklear’s arrest and sold it to the celebrity news site TMZ.com.  Tepper, Ishikanian’s lawyer said in a written statement to ABCNews.com that the photos were sold for $27,500.

Tepper insisted that it was not a set up and Ishikanian was not following the actress and said that it was her “civic duty” to report the actress.

“There was no setup and there’s no moral ambiguity,”

“If you see someone driving impaired, you call the police and that’s what she did. The implication that somehow my client did something wrong is absurd and defamatory.”

Heather Locklear, the “Melrose Place” star was arrested Saturday but later released. The Santa Barbara County prosecutors still  have to decide if they will still pursue charges against the actress after the result comes out to prove that Locklear was indeed DUI.


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