Jim Belushi as the face for Gout Awareness campaign

Jim BelushiJim Belushi might be known for many of us as a superb actor, comedian and singer, in recent years mainly known through television series such as The Defenders and According to Jim, but for 15 years now he has been suffering from a condition called Gout. Now he has partnered with Savient Pharmaceuticals and patient advocacy group CreakyJoints to release and online video for the sake of encouraging the discussion about the condition. Especially as it seems to be often very misunderstood one. The video was released on Gout Awareness Day.

“We hope that this effort will inspire people with gout to speak up and have similarly candid conversations about gout online, in their local communities and with their doctors. We have to start shifting the gout conversation to focus on medical realities instead of outdated perceptions,” said Belushi.

The video brings you a roundtable with both physician perspective as well as people with real-world experiences.

According to statistics, roughly eight million people in the U.S. alone might be affected by the condition. In the world, the number might be aorund 1%-2% of the population. What has increased the number of affected people in the recent years is our longer life expectancy as well as changes in diet. While in the old times gout was considered “the disease of the kings,” now it’s far from being that rare anymore.

Learn more about gout and see the video at www.creakyjoints.org.

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