Jim Carey’s “Yes Man” takes the box office

Jim Carey’s comedy film “Yes Man” claimed the No. 1 spot at the box office with opening ticket sales of $18.2 M while Will Smith’s “Seven Pounds” got the 2nd spot with $16 M according to studio estimates Sunday. Mathew Broderick’s “The Tale of Despereux”, an animated film came in third with $10 M.

yes man

“Yes Man”, released by Warner Bros., stars Carrey as a loser who turns his life around by subscribing to a philosophy of saying “yes” to everything. Sony’s “Seven Pounds” casts Smith as a mysterious IRS agent doing good deeds for strangers, and Universal’s “Tale of Despereaux” features Broderick as the mouthpiece for a tiny mouse on a heroic mission. [via AP]

Yes Man is a 2008 American comedy film directed by Peyton Reed and is based on the true story and 2005 book The Yes Man by British humourist Danny Wallace.

(image:via wikipedia)