Joe Biden on Healthcare Bill: “This is a big f@*#ng deal!”

Joe Biden may have intended to sing President Barack Obama‘s praise, but someone should have told the vice-president that swearing, no matter how discreet, is a no-no when microphones are all over the place. Biden, in his trademark wayward mouth, was caught whispering an expletive to Obama’s ear after he introduced the president at a White House ceremony. Biden was heard saying: “This is a big fucking deal!”

People at the ceremony failed to notice Biden’s gaffe. However, the media immediately hammered on the vice-president’s unofficial-like comment, with CNN’s Rick Sanchez saying that Biden “used a word that most of us would never use in front of our mother” when explaining why the network bleeped the remark.

Biden is known for his sometimes inappropriate comments. In one instance, he told a wheelchair-bound Missouri politician to “stand-up…let them see you” and described Obama as the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate, and bright and clean, and nice-looking guy.” He later apologized to the president for that comment.


(Photo from Flickr)