Joe Jonas Does Another Over the Phone Split

Demi-LovatoSeems Joe Jonas loves the habit of splitting with girlfriends over the phone as he probably does not have the guts to do it in person. In fact, he asked another person to deliver the news to his now former girlfriend.

The member of the Jonas Brothers is reported to have split up with girlfriend Demi Lovato over the phone. Lovato, 17, and Jonas, 20, met in 2007 at the set of the Disney television movie Camp Rock. They were together in a tour the following year. Last March, they admitted to the public that they were dating.

The catch is that they are supposed to be together again this year for another tour.

This is not the first time that Joe Jonas split with a girlfriend over the phone.  In November 2008, Jonas made the famous 27 second call to then girlfriend Taylor Swift. Swift immortalized it in one of her songs.

However, the latest breakup with Lovato is worse than the one with Swift. Sources indicate that it was Joe’s dad who actually brought the news to Lovato. Jonas cannot break up with a girlfriend in person and somebody else has to do it for him.