John Edawards Mistress Rielle Hunter Tells All in Interview

john-edwardsRielle Hunter, John Edwards‘ mistress, has revealed intimate details about her relationship with the politician. In an interview with GQ, the 45-year-old Hunter said that she slept with the former Democratic vice-presidential nominee on the day they first met in New York four years ago.

According to Hunter, Edwards invited her to his room at the Regency just hours after they met on the corner of 61st and Park Avenue, where the first words she could utter was “You’re so hot.” And so the relationship that would undo Edwards’ blossoming political career began.

The interview is the first time that Hunter has spoken about the affair that not only ended Edwards’ presidential ambitions but also rocked his 30-year marriage to wife Elizabeth. Edwards publicly admitted to having the affair with Hunter in August 2008, but it was only this January that he recognized the now-two-year-old daughter he sired with his mistress.

Hunter also defends Edwards, whose image has turned from one of the most charming politicians in the U.S. to one of the best liars in the country, saying that “he does not lie to me.”