John Edwards Admits Love Child

john-edwardsFormer North Carolina senator John Edwards finally admitted that he is the father of Frances Quinn Hunter, the daughter of former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, whom the senator admitted having an affair with.

During that time that he admitted the affair in August 2008, he denied that he is the father of the girl claiming that he had the affair in a short period of time in 2006. Quinn was born February 2008.

“I am Quinn’s father,” Edwards said in a statement. “It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”

Edwards, 56, has been married to Elizabeth Anania since 1977. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months after, Quinn was conceived. The couple have four children.

The announcement came two weeks before a book authored by former Edwards aide, Andrew Young, detailing the affairs. It can be recalled that Young have claimed that Quinn is his during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. He then renounced the statement.