John Mayer Says Sorry for Racial Comments

John-Mayer-Battle-StudiesSinger John Mayer (pictured from the cover of his latest album “Battle Studies”) apologized for the racial slur that he made in his interview for Playboy magazine.

Mayer issued the apology Wednesday, February 10, via Twitter. His twitter message said, “Re: using the ‘N’ word in an interview, I am sorry. I should have never said the word and I will never say it again.”

That is the only thing he is apologizing for – so far.

Meanwhile, former girlfriend Jessica Simpson made a message on Twitter as an answer to Mayer describing her as a “crack cocaine” and “sexual napalm”. She tweeted, “interesting day so far..hmm…at least I am boxing 2-a-days this week.”

No comment yet from actress Jennifer Aniston whom the Grammy winner described as someone who is a technophobe.

The interview with Playboy is the second time the singer was put into headlines because of a magazine article in a span of one month. He previously made statements regarding missing Aniston, advising Tiger Woods about sex and revealing his masturbation habits in a Rolling Stone magazine article.