John Stamos Denies Relationship with 17 Year Old

john_stamosA sudden twist in the ongoing extortion case filed by John Stamos arose claiming that the actor had a relationship with one of the defendants when she was still 17 years old.

Alicia Coss, now 24, is said to have a “brief romantic fling” with Stamos during spring break in Florida in 2004. The story goes that they have met at a club and invited her to his room. In the room, he asked her to join him in the bath tub where they were both naked. He then asked if he can give oral sex to her. Then, Coss and Stamos continued to correspond via email in the next few years.

Lawyers of the actor denied that any relationship occurred between the two. They do acknowledge that Coss and Stamos have met in Florida in 2004.

Coss and Scott Sippola, 31, are facing charges for attempting to extort 680,000 USD from Stamos. They made the demand so that they will not give pictures of Stamos with strippers and using cocaine to tabloids.