Jon Gosselin Apartment Ransacked

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin arrived at his New York apartment only to find it was burglarized and vandalized. Police department questioned former girlfriend Hailey Glassman about the incident.jon-gosselin

Gosselin was in Pennsylvania spending some Christmas time with his eight children when the robbery occurred. The apartment is named under Gosselin and Glassman. Glassman had just moved out of the apartment before the burglary happened.

Among the possessions that were either lost or damaged were dishes, pots, pans, a television set, a Nintendo Wii console, a CD player and a coffee maker. Meanwhile, furniture, clothes, curtains, rugs and beddings were slashed. A 100-year old Ming dynasty vase family heirloom was smashed to pieces.

The most disturbing part however is a note stabbed though a wooden dresser. The note was apparently signed by Glassman.

Gosselin immediately called his lawyer and the New York Police Department (NYPD).  Detectives and forensic experts arrived at the scene and began photographing and fingerprinting evidences. They have also seized the note from the dresser.

NYPD had already interviewed Glassman and her parents regarding the incident.