Joseph and Mary Bed Scene Billboard Ruled Not Offensive

A local advertisement board last Christmas depicting Joseph and Mary, parents of Jesus Christ, having sexual activities was ruled to be not offensive.billboard-sexy-joseph-mary

The Advertising Standards Authority of New Zealand made the ruling on the billboard posted by the Anglican Church St. Matthew-in-the-City Church in Auckland, which drew condemnation from the Catholic Church.

Vandals attacked the advertisement several times, with one woman attacking it with a knife, before the Church brought it down.

Complaints lodged at ASA regarding the billboard includes insensitivity, blasphemous and ridiculing the Christian beliefs. It ruled that the advertisement might be controversial but not offensive, as it did not depict any naked people or any sexual acts. Furthermore, it stated that the church has all the rights to express their own beliefs.

The church welcomed the decision and is now preparing for its Easter billboard, which they hope, will also be interesting but not to the strength pulled in by their Christmas billboard.