Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking fab on GQ cover

Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ August 2012 Cover

All guys have man crushes, mine is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s not a sexual thing; it’s both admiration and envy. Joseph’s funny, good looking, timeless, and he has a Johnny Depp vibe going on. However, I want to presume that my man crush is more about his Tom Hansen-ness than his Levittness.

Wearing a classy three-piece suit, the 31-year-old “The Dark Knight Rises” star graces the cover of GQ magazine’s August 2012 issue, on newsstands July 24th.

Here are some highlights from Joseph’s interview.

On his teenage self: “I was a sort of serious little dude—snobby. I thought girls my age were very frustrating. They were, like, looking in their compact mirrors and sh*t, and I thought that was evil.”

Christopher Nolan on Joseph’s “TDKR” character, John Blake: “He has tremendous charisma and that incredible kind of positivity that can’t be faked.”

On the concept of being famous: “I really don’t like this notion that some people are more important than other people. These stories about these elevated people called ‘celebrities’ teaches you that what you have to say doesn’t matter. It’s degrading.”

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