Joslyn James Releases Tiger Woods’ Alleged “Sextexts”

Tiger Woods‘ purported mistress Joslyn James has revealed to the public what she says are sexually explicit text messages she received from the golfer. The text messages, which the former porn star posted on her Web site, were allegedly sent by Woods over the course of their three-year affair.

James said the text messages are proof that she indeed had a sexually-charged relationship with Woods. The world’s number one golfer has refused to acknowledge that he had an affair with James. In one of the text messages purportedly sent on August 29, Woods allegedly told James that ‘”I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you.” Another message quotes Woods as saying that he wanted to have a threesome with James and another girl she trusts.

James has denied that she released the text messages to embarrass Woods and get back at him for denying their relationship, saying that she only wanted the truth to come out.

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