Judge Sends Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck Stalker to Asylum

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and their two daughters have one less stalker to worry about after a Los Angeles judge found an obsessive fan of the couple to be mentally unstable. Jane Robison, a spokeswoman at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, said Steven Burky will be sent to state mental hospital.

Burky, who was arrested in December outside a school attended by Garner and Affleck’s daughter Violet, was absolved of two stalking charges on the grounds of his unstable mental state. The 37-year-old Burky was also ordered to stay away from the couple for ten years once he is declared fit to go out of the mental institution.

Garner had previously gained a restraining order in 2008 that prevented Burky from coming within 100 yards of her and Affleck after the crazed fan gave the “Alias” actress flowers with a card saying “I love you forever” and his contact information.