Jupiter Suffers a New Space Impact

jupiterA fireball, which scientists believe to be probably a meteor, that has the size of the Earth made an impact with the planet Jupiter Thursday, June 3, at 4:31 PM EDT.

The impact was personally seen by two scientists, Anthony Wesley of Australia and Christopher Go of the Philippines.

“The data—independently confirmed by two well-respected amateurs—seem robust, and the flare certainly bears all the characteristics of a Jovian ‘bolide,’ or impact,” said Heidi Hammel of the Space Science Institute, which is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Wesley, is also the one who reported a scar in Jupiter last year. It was a result from another impact that had a power equivalent to a few thousand nuclear bombs. The scar that was left in the Jovian surface has the same size of the Pacific Ocean.

Ironically, latest photos and analysis of the 2009 impact were released by the Space Science Institute on the same day that the most recent impact has been reported.