Justin Bieber Egg Thrower Arrested

Australian police have arrested a teenager who was allegedly responsible for an egg-throwing incident that occurred during a recent concert by Justin Bieber at the Acer Arena in Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald said a 17-year-old from Bondi Junction, an eastern suburb of Sydney, was arrested early Thursday and was charged with break and enter, trespass, and malicious damage. The teenager allegedly broke and climbed into the roof of the Acer Arena, where he pelted Bieber and his dancers with the eggs during the Canadian pop sensation’s April 29 concert in Sydney. The Acer Arena management made a report to police after news of the incident reached social networking sites and a video of the concert was uploaded on YouTube.

The teenager was taken to the Waverley police station after his arrest but was later released on conditional bail. He was ordered to appear before the Paramatta Children’s Court on June 2, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.