Justin Mentell “Boston Legal” star died in car crash

Justin Mentell Boston Legal Star died in Car CrashJustin Mentell, a former “Boston Legal” actor, died in a fatal car crash that occurred in Wisconsin just after 3 a.m Monday, February 1. He was 27.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Department said that the actor died when his car went down a steep embankment, colliding with two trees.

According to reports, the 27-year old actor wasn’t wearing a seat belt and may have fallen asleep while driving his car.

“We don’t believe that alcohol was a factor in the incident.  There was no evidence of that here,” said Iowa County Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. Daniel Carey. “It is possible that Mr. Mentell fell asleep at the wheel, as his mother told us that he liked to take long drives on his own and the area he crashed was pretty secluded. There was some snow lying on the surrounding areas, [but] the road conditions were clear and dry, so, they would not have been a contributing factor either.”