Kabul Hotel Attack Leaves 18 Dead

The Taliban struck anew in Afghanistan on Tuesday, sending eight suicide bombers to a luxury hotel in the capital, Kabul, in an attack that put the spotlight anew on the capability of local law enforcement agents to maintain security amid a planned withdrawal of U.S. forces from the war-torn South Asian country.

The attack, which begun late Tuesday, ended early Wednesday with the death of all eight suicide bombers and at least ten others. The NATO played an active role in ending the standoff at the five-story Inter-Continental hotel. NATO helicopters opened fire at the gunmen who were holed up on the roof top of the hotel, U.S. Army Maj. Jason Waggoner said.

Several explosions were heard inside the hotel, including one several hours after the operation had ended and security forces started clearing the area. The last explosion was apparently triggered by one of the attackers who had been hiding in one of the rooms.