Kaka’s world record transfer deal

AC Milan midfielder Kaka has given the permission to join Manchester City after the club increased their offer to a staggering £243 million ($358 million),  a British tabloid reported on its website.

kaka manchester transfer deal

According to The Sun, Manchester City’s offer breaks down as follows:

•  £108 million for AC Milan.

•  £108 million for the Brazilian superstar’s wages including taxes. Kaka will be paid a NET salary of £13.28m a year which breaks down to £255,000 a week take-home.

•  £27 million in commission to brokers, middle-men and signing-on fees.

Wow! That’s nearly 20 times more than the $8.5 million that the Italian club paid Sao Paulo when it acquired Kaka in the beginning of his career in 2003.

Moreover, this world record transfer deal makes it Christmas time for some agents. Lucky bastards!