Kanye West Says Grammy Album of the Year Winners Not Deserving

taylor-swift-kanye-westHere we go again. Are you ready for round 2?

Controversial singer Kanye West is at it again with questioning winners of music award giving  bodies. After his very famous interruption of Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech in last year’s MTV Video Music Awards so that he can declare that Beyonce deserves the award more than Swift, West is now saying that the recent winners of Album of the Year in the Grammy Awards don’t deserve to win. It so happened that the latest winner is Taylor Swift.

“Why are the last four albums of the year Taylor Swift, Dixie ChicksRay Charles and Herbie Hancock? Like, you know, with all due respect, that’s inaccurate,” Kanye said in an interview with Access Hollywood. He said that albums like Future Sex/Love Sounds by Justin Timberlake and Confessions of Usher should have won.

Swift won this year for Fearless, Hancock won in 2008 for River: The Joni Letters, Dixie Chicks won in 2007 for Taking the Long Way and Charles won in 2005 for Genius Love Company. Ironically, West’s albums lost to two of them, in 2005 and in 2008.

West insists, however, that this is not about him. “It’s not about me,” he emphasized. “I don’t really care about me. That’s what you don’t understand. I’ll jump in front of a moving car for history. It’s not really about me. It’s about everybody. It’s about all artists. It’s about fair ground. If Drake is having an awesome year and his year is better than mine, I’m not gonna say I should win. I’m gonna say Drake should win.”