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Being a longtime blogger and online publisher, I have many friends who are freelance writers. They write for multiple large, online publishers and find themselves boggled with the challenging and often disorganized nature of pitching stories, e-mailing articles, having them e-mailed back for revision, then submitting the final post, only to turn back around and invoice the publisher.

Multiply this by every writer and contributor for each online publication, and then think how the editors must feel. The information is disparate and e-mail and Excel just can’t cut it.

Enter Kapost:


We seek to fill a need by truly alleviating the administrative and organizational tasks that editors often face when managing multiple contributors and posts.

Kapost is like the Salesforce for editors with our online newsroom dashboard that manages the entire production lifecycle from pitching the story, assigning writers to posts, editing, organizing your editorial calendar, performance metrics (e.g. letting you know which contributors are doing the best) and even paying your contributors – all in the Kapost online newsroom.

Kapost’s newsroom fits across any major CMS and we strive to bring the most important pieces for editors back into their hands: creating great content and expanding the overall editorial vision for your site.

The American Society of Journalists and Authors displays that freelance journalists considering freelancing for the long-term (91.3% of respondents) which shows that online publications will continually face contributors and writers who are remote.

Furthermore, with recent growth in content marketing models, (think Patch with AOL) Kapost Co-Founder and CEO, Toby Murdock notes in Street Fight Mag:

“Publishers are now implementing an aggressive content model, with large numbers of (often external and distributed) contributors all producing high volumes of content. And in this model, there are often fewer editors to manage this more extensive operation. Kapost enables this model to work by automating the administrative components of the operation, saving time for editors and allowing them to focus on their audience and their content.”

Along the same lines, writer, Matt Thompson, recently wrote a poignant post on Poynter highlighting that, “good content management requires constant development,” which shows us that constant change and the need for organization to expand and grow are imminent.

Kapost focuses on the solution and strives to stay innovative for content management and online publishing as it undoubtedly continues to grow.

Grace BoyleGuest Post by Grace Boyle:
Grace is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Kapost, a web service providing online newsrooms for publishers. You can find her writing on her personal blog, her food blog or on Twitter as @gracekboyle.