Kardashian Sister Confirms Undergoing Botox

Kim-KardashianOne of the Kardashian sisters admitted in a Nightline interview Monday, May 24, that aside from a little Botox, her body is 100% natural.

29-year-old Kim Kardashian confirmed to reporter Cynthia McFadden that she underwent the process. The interview was a part of her and family’s answer regarding plastic surgery rumors. Joining her in the interview are sisters Khloe and Kourtney and mom Kris.

The answer to the rumors is that, at least for Kim, she’s totally not against plastic surgery.

Kim also declared that her nose is still natural even if she feels insecure about it. She has declined to have it done after doctors showed what she would look like after changes were made. She said she would not look the same if she had said okay.

She was then asked about her very famous cleavage in which she jokingly replied, “Trust me honey if I take this bra off you will tell me I need to get them done.”