Ke$ha on the Warpath with Ex-Managers

Ke$ha might be headed for a court showdown with her former handlers over the many dollar signs that she now conveniently commands. DAS Communications Inc., whose battery of managers handled Ke$ha during her early years in the music industry, claimed in a lawsuit filed earlier this week that the pop star owes the company millions of dollars.

DAS said in court papers that Ke$ha had failed to give the company 20 percent of her music income, as she had agreed in a contract she signed with the management outfit in 2006. Ke$ha allegedly severed her ties with the company in September 2008, causing DAS to lose at least $14 million in potential income. DAS also claims that Ke$ha was pressured by producer and hitmaker Lukasz Gottwald, a.k.a. Dr. Luke, whom the company blames for the pop star’s decision to break her pact with the management outfit. DAS wants Dr. Luke to pay $12 million for his role in the brouhaha.

Ke$ha’s contract with DAS allowed her to fire the management firm if it failed to sign her to a major label after a year. However, according to DAS, Ke$ha did not exercise her option one year after the contract. DAS was already close to striking a deal with Warner in 2008, when Dr. Luke allegedly “induced, intimidated and convinced Ke$ha” to seek a new manager.

Ke$ha eventually signed with RCA/Jive Label Group and released her debut album in January this year. She went on to capture the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles with “Tik Tok.”

The singer’s lawyer has dismissed DAS’ suit, saying that Ke$ha only exercised her option to end the management deal when the company failed to keep its part of the bargain, which was to sign her to a major label in one year.