Kelly Clarkson Urged to Drop Cigarette Sponsor

Anti-smoking advocates are calling on American Idol alum and Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson to cut ties with a cigarette company that is promoting her upcoming concert in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. In a world where blatant promotion of cigarettes id prohibited in many countries, Clarkson’s Indonesia billboard proudly banners a huge logo of L.A. Lights, one of the most popular tobacco brands in the Southeast Asian nation.

The billboard features a huge picture of Clarkson with the huge L.A. Lights cigarettes sign plastered just above her head. The concert is scheduled for April 29. Anti-smoking advocates have appealed to Clarkson through her Facebook account to drop the sponsor as a show of support for the fight against tobacco consumption.

Cigarette consumption is down in most Western countries, but it has risen 26 percent over the last 15 years in Indonesia, where a third of the country’s about 230 million people are smokers.