Kendall Beard is a contender

Kendall Beard has gotten a lot of buzz on the internet after her American Idol audition in New Jersey. In fact, a blog obsessed with AI just listed Kendall as a rumored Top 50 for season 8.  Too bad we don’t have any music or video clips of her. The Top 50 will be carved down to 36 by the producers.

kendall beard american idol

But here’s what I know. Kendall grew up and lives in Texas. According to her MySpace account, she is 23 years old and a Communication Studies graduate. She also has released a self-titled debut album that reflects her strength as a singer/song- writer.

kendall beard american idol

From her profile:

“This album is just like my personality, it has a touch of everything, a little rock, a bit of pop, and a touch of country and blues.”

Every song on Kendall’s album shows a different side of her and provokes a different emotion. With songs like “Move On” a melodic, feel good song, driven by a catchy bass line, and “A 1000 Pieces,” a pop rock anthem song that is sure to have everyone singing along, there is no doubt that Kendall will attract fans of all genres of music.