Kentucky Ticket Wins $128 Million Lottery Prize

A lottery ticket bought in Georgetown, Kentucky won $128.6 million in Saturday’s Powerball multi-state lottery.lottery-balls-128-million-powerball

The specific store who sold the ticket will be announced Monday.

The winning number 32-36-37-41-53 and powerball 30 has the odds of one in 195,249,054. It brought the largest lottery winnings in Kentucky the previous being $89.3 million in 1996.

The cash payout is around $63.4 million with about $15 million going as federal tax and $3.5 million going as state tax. The oddity is that there is a current battle in the state to deny or limit the people to participate in gambling, much more in online gambling.

Meanwhile, one ticket in Florida matched the first five numbers of the winning combination. For missing the powerball number, the ticket won 200,000 dollars.

The lottery resets to base jackpot of 20 million dollars on Wednesday. This is also the second big prize won within the week. The Mega Millions lottery was won earlier this week with the cash prize amounting to $162 million.