Ketamine is the new ‘dance drug’ for clubbers

ketamine new dance drug

In England, more young people are risking their health by injecting themselves with Class C drug ketamine.

The horse tranquilizer is being used as a cheap substitute to cocaine after its price dropped by a third in three years. A gram of ketamine costs £20, half as much as same amount of cocaine.

DrugScope found clubbers are taking higher doses of the stimulant as a ‘dance drug’ in nine out of 20 areas it surveyed around the country.

Increased use was found in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Ipswich, Bristol, Blackpool, Portsmouth, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Also known as K, Special K and Vitamin K, ketamine is used as a tranquillizer for horses or as a medical painkiller in low doses, but DrugScope warned that in recreational doses the drug can cause heart or lung failure.

Deaths from ketamine use are most often linked to accidents which happen while users lose control. There were 23 ketamine-related deaths between 1993 and 2006.