“Kick-Ass” Slay “Dragon” in Final Box-Office Count

Kick-Ass-film-posterFor the second week in a row, a tight race at the weekend box office has caused trackers to dethrone the number one film on Sunday once the final figures have arrived. “How to Train Your Dragon,” which was declared number one on Sunday with an estimated $20-million gross, surrendered the top spot to Lionsgate’s film adaptation of the “Kick-Ass” comic book.

“Kick-Ass” raked in $19.8 million in its opening weekend, edging “Dragon, which grossed $19.6 million, for the top spot. “Dragon” now has a total of $158.2 million after four consistent weeks. Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s “Date Night,” which debuted the week before, was steady at number 3 with $16.7 million. The Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence comedy “Death at a Funeral” had a respectable first week with $16.2 million, good enough for fourth place.

Last week’s number one, “Clash of the Titans,” which displaced projected top grosser “Date Night” when the Monday numbers arrived, rounded out the top 5 with $15.3 million. “Titans” now has $132.6 million in three weeks.