Kids in lesbian homes are well-adjusted, study says

A 25-year long study, funded by several gay and lesbian groups,  has recently concluded that children brought up in a lesbian home are not affected by their parent’s sexual orientation and grow up to be well-adjusted individuals.

The journal Pediatrics published the study, which involved 78 teens and their lesbian parents as they grew up. The test group was matched with children of the same age who grew up in traditional families. As the children developed, they were carefully assessed using a series of questionnaires, individual interviews on two separate occasions (ages 10 and 17), and an assessment of the child’s mother.

The study concluded that teens who grew up in lesbian homes are stronger in their social and academic competence. The kids have also managed to deal more successfully with the pressures of rule-breaking, social problems and aggressive behavior. Even on the aspect of divorce, teens from lesbian homes managed to be more well-adjusted even after their parents have split up, as opposed to children from traditional families.

The study, which was conducted between 1986 and 1992, sought out lesbian women who are contemplating artificial insemination or are already pregnant.

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