Kieron Gaffney: BGT’s little drummer boy (video)


Kieron Gaffney impressed the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with his skills with the sticks, despite only playing for a year.

“When I play I just shut my eyes and just feel the music inside, it’s a really good experience,” the 12-year-old drummer from Kent said. “I’d love to be the best drummer in the world when I’m older”

Piers commented: “If you only started to learn that a year ago and you are that level already you are going to be a super star drummer.” Simon also admired the performance saying, “normally I hate this kind of act, the idea of someone your age playing the drums is one of my biggest nightmares but that was totally and utterly brilliant”.

Here’s the video of Kieron’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent (May 23).


You can also watch the video here.