Kim Kardashian Gets Kicked Off the Stage by Prince

kim-kardashianKim Kardashian was invited by singer Prince on stage to dance with him during his concert Monday, February 7, at the Madison Square Garden but was later asked to get back down since she simply stood there.

The reality star sent out a Twitter message as to why she was not able to dance with Prince.

“OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I’m shaking!!!!” her message said. “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!”

Prince had been inviting fans all night to come up the stage and dance. He chanced upon the popular actress and invited her. Kardashian can only giggle and clap while the singer danced around her. He finally told her to “get off the stage.”

Reports say that Prince invited her back later in the show and serenaded her with the piano.

Kardashian attended the concert with boyfriend Kris Humphries.