KOBIAN: Emotional robot unveiled in Tokyo


A walking humanoid robot which can express a variety of human emotions was unveiled on Tuesday (June 23) in Japan.

Named KOBIAN, the android can express seven different feelings, including delight, surprise, sadness and dislike. The robot is thought to be the first of its kind according to its developers.

In addition to assuming different poses to match the mood, KOBIAN uses motors in its face to move its lips, eyelids and eyebrows into different positions. It shows happiness by opening its eyes and mouth wide and lifting its hands over its head, and sorrow by drooping its head and covering its eyes.

It was developed and unveiled by researchers at Waseda’s Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering in Tokyo. They believe that robots such as KOBIAN could be used in the future to assist elderly people with housework and in nursing homes.

Watch KOBIAN in action:

[Via Telegraph]