American Idol: Kris Allen sings ‘Come Together’ (video)


Kris Allen struggled with his rendition of Come Together by the Beatles on Tuesday’s American Idol. It was really a bad fit for Kris. He should have picked something that best suits his voice. He was trying so hard to impress the judges but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Rock is a rebellious genre. You don’t sugar-coat it. There’s no such thing as pop-rock!

Randy: “I appreciate you picking something that you can still be yourself…I enjoyed it.”

Kara: “You’re definitely the softer side of rock and I can see that you tried to bring that tonight. But for me, this was not a great performance.”

Paula: “You need to have a little more energy.”

Simon: “I actually didn’t like it that much. It was rather like eating ice for lunch.”

Check out the video below: