Kyrgyzstan Opposition Topples Government

An interim government has taken over Kyrgyzstan, following an opposition-led uprising that forced President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to flee the capital Bishkek. Opposition leader Roza Otunbayeva said the interim government will take control of the country for six months before calling general elections. Parliament has also been dissolved.

The seizure comes a day since clashes between opposition protesters and security forces loyal to Bakiyev left dozens dead. The opposition now control four of the seven provinces in the country. The Bakiyev government caved in after the opposition seized the main government building on Thursday.

Bakiyev, who came to power via the Tulip Revolution five years ago, is accused of corruption and oppression. He reportedly gave his relatives lucrative positions and tried to enrich himself at the expense of the poor people of this country of five million.

Kyrgyzstan is of importance to the United States as it hosts an American military base. The impoverished Central Asian country was once part of the might Soviet Union.