Lady Gaga Fiasco Makes Grammy Change Rules

Just how influential isĀ Lady Gaga? Too influential to make the people behind the Grammy Awards change the nomination rules for new artists, albeit a year too late.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which organizes the Grammys, announced that it would be changing its nomination rules for the best new artists category to avoid a similar situation from last year, when Lady Gaga was prohibited from being nominated in the said category despite being the biggest neophyte artist to release an album during the awards period.

Gaga was snubbed because she was nominated a year earlier in the best dance recording category for “Just Dance,” her debut single that was released months before the album “The Fame” hit record stores late 2008, when the Grammy eligibility period had passed. The prohibition allowed the Zac Brown Band to win the best new artist category.

To avoid a similar situation, the Grammys said a previous nomination will no longer be a hindrance to being nominated in the best new artist category. However, a win in a previous Grammys will still restrict an artist who releases a single way ahead of a full album from being considered for the new artist award.