VIDEO: Lady Gaga fights with Madonna on Saturday Night Live (SNL)


Lady Gaga and Madonna surprised SNL viewers last night (October 3) by staging a catfight on live television.

If you didn’t see the two pop divas on the show, then you can watch their surprise visit in a video below this post.

It was humorous, but when the ladies began fighting (in matching black lingerie and knee-high boots), it became more of a hot mess than epic laugh.

The “4 minutes” singer grabbed Gaga’s hair and here was one of those clichéd hair-pulling catfights in skimpy outfits.

On the couch, the pair was separated by the host but the war of words continued as Gaga fussed, “Guess what Madonna, I’m totally hotter than you,” to which the Material Girl replied, “Hey guess what, I’m taller than you…