Lady Gaga Gives Birth…In “Born This Way” Video

Lady Gaga has released the video for her latest single, “Born This Way,” and this one is not for the squeamish.

Keeping true to her reputation, Gaga delivers, in more ways than one, in the video, where the bizarre pop artist can be seen literally giving birth to the twin concept of good and evil. After the birthing scene, Gaga, as always, gets rid of her clothes and starts gyrating to the music of “Born This Way” in a tiny winy bikini. Towards the end, the video becomes morbid as Gaga, now portraying her “Mother Monster” self to the hilt, turns into a pony-tailed zombie in a tuxedo.

The video, one of two the singer has promised to make for the first single from her upcoming album, was directed by Nick Knight with the help of Gaga herself and her Haus of Gaga creative team. Laurieann Gibson is credited for the choreography.

“Born This Way” debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart two weeks ago and has also set the record for the fastest selling record on Apple’s iTunes.